The Harmonious Chaos of Playful Thinking and Doing


These are things that your brain is hard-wired to do from the moment it starts to function in the womb . They underlie everything that we are, all that we think, all that we are capable of.

I believe that we can all do the things we to do in a better, more enjoyable, more satisfying way if we so desire. We have the right to chose the uses to which we put our body and our mind.

As a human being, we are heir to almost limitless choices of thought and action – unless we manage to devise ways to limit ourselves of course. Our bodies are not built, neither genetically, physically nor cognitively to be restricted in the way that we can adapt when we encounter obstacles. Obstacles are a necessary part of life and they enable us to explore the range of our ability to cope. Obstacles are important for our sense of our self, they allow us to find a deep-seated and satisfying ingenuity. The only faculty be are born with is curiosity. Operating in every cell of our body, curiosity drives us to find work-arounds in all sort of areas of our lives. Successfully finding our way around an obstacle adds a zing to our sense of our self. The Feldenkrais Method® is an excellent, almost unparalleled way to help us understand what a successful work-around looks and feels like.

I am a Senior Practitioner of The Feldenkrais Method®, teaching Awareness Through Movement® since 1999, and a member of the UK Feldenkrais Guild. I am an award-winning theatre director, actor and teacher of theatre skills, at work in all sorts of fields of performance since 1987, specialising in theatre from a movement perspective and maximising the somatic contact between performers and audience. I now specialise in the devising, development and delivery of arts education projects that meld an arts-based with a somatic philosophy of learning. You can read more about me here.

Using Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration®, I have worked with people with disabilities, professional performers, mothers, fathers, elders, children, writers, therapists, teachers, skiers, mountain-climbers, swimmers……all kinds of people in all kinds of occupations, and in many countries.

During COVID times, I have devised a hybrid process called Functional Awareness – melding the two approaches to work together with you to explore why you might be experiencing restrictions and discomforts in your moving self.

My work focuses on shedding light on processes of change, exploring how we grow to a life-enhancing awareness of how we ourselves can make change happen.


Bertolt Brecht, the great post-war German dramatist and poet wrote:

One can, with the last breath of one’s life, change everything!

New classes for the times of covid 19

The best way to learn about Feldenkrais is to come along to a class – we call them lessons since they are a learning space – and see what happens. In COVID times, I offer you the possibility to slip away to an inner world of great depth and curiousness. An hour later, you come back to your space perhaps reinvented.

Check out my new Online programmes of classes in the UK and India here.

In the world of now we are being challenged to identify the obstacle and to navigate the times with serenity and ingenuity. Let the creative physical world of The Feldenkrais Method® help you do this!