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Art of Soaring

– using Feldenkrais®Awareness Through Movement® to find the best idea of ourselves

  • find new pathways of moving, whoever you are…
  • discover the treasure that is enshrined in your physical self, whatever you want to do…
  • open the doors of perception and expand the space you have access to, wherever you want to go…

The Feldenkrais Method® uses as its basic materials the things that evolution has endowed us with – an unstable body, a brain requiring inputs to grow, the ability to self-reflect and play, and the skill of curiosity. Since our earliest moments we moved, tested the world and chose one action over another. In the first days we sought food, warmth and physical safety. As our sensory capacities grew we explored beyond the borders of immediate comfort, growing our brains with every movement we made.

As children we were functionally limitless. Then social learning, necessity and choices in the goals of our moving progressively limited the kinds of things we could or wanted to do.

However, curiosity, play and the skills of dealing with our unique, unstable body never leave us. Evolution lives on in the human desire, perhaps even obligation, to explore new ideas of moving and thinking. Learning and moving are instinctive, basic and necessary to human being.

It is worth noting that ‘moving’ for Feldenkrais is defined in its widest possible way. Movement occurs at all levels of human being, all the way from the microscopic to the emotions. All the functions of our body from the cellular outwards are in movement – movement that can be improved, streamlined, made more effective.

Feldenkrais® is a learning process that removes restrictions to allow your self and what your self is capable of to take flight. Simple but persuasive movement instructions send your curiosity running. You observe yourself playing with ideas including flow, balance, extension, twisting, arching and folding. At the end of each sequence of movements your nervous system has learned something new and different.

Returning to standing at the end of each lesson, something has changed. Your feet have a different kind of connection with the floor, your voice has dropped a couple of tones, the room seems bigger… Feldenkrais® puts you in a different state. Over the course of many lessons, you sense restrictions on your movement to have lifted away. You are beginning to soar.

Art of Soaring is a series of three 3-hour Feldenkrais® workshops during January and February in Edinburgh, open to anyone whether or not they have experienced Feldenkrais before, or whether you have confidence in your movement abilities.

Each workshop is themed, to integrate and free your movement for re-entry into your world afterwards.


Studio6.02 Edinburgh

Studio 6.02, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh EH7 6AE


One workshop: £35


  • 10% reduction on your first batch of four online classes – £30 as opposed to £40

Two workshops: £60


  • 10% reduction on your first batch of four online classes – £30 as opposed to £40
  • Half-hour one-to-one Functional Integration session

Three workshops: £85


  • 10% reduction on your first batch of four online classes – £30 as opposed to £40
  • One-hour one-to-one Functional Integration session

Places limited to 10 per workshop

To book:

email: freedomtomove@outlook.com

call: 07782 190615

Your tutor:

Alan Caig Wilson has taught Feldenkrais since 1999 in the UK, Finland, Austria and India. He has integrated his Feldenkrais® with his parallel work in the UK and internationally as a teacher and maker of theatre, mime and physical theatre and opera, and as an Arts Educator with children and young people.

Between 2001 and 2013 he was visiting tutor in Feldenkrais ®at London Contemporary Dance School, and between 2006 and 2015 at the Polish Institute of Choreotherapy in Poznan.

He currently teaches online classes to groups in the UK and India, and in-person classes at Dancebase in Edinburgh. He has in-person practices in Edinburgh and Manningtree, Essex.

Alan is a member of the UK Feldenkrais Guild. www.feldenkrais.co.uk

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