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online classes via zoom

Zoom classes started out as a necessity – a way of keeping in contact with our movement and movement teachers, as well as the chance to be taken out of ourselves for a short while. But it is becoming clear that Zoom classes in Feldenkrais are doing something that is also very profound. The broad aim of Feldenkrais’s ideas and processes is to bring you closer to a true representation of your self to yourself.

During a 45-60 minute ATM, guided by my voice, you spend time in a deep, personal sensory and observational study of yourself. As the class goes on you experience the increasingly pleasing and loud presence of your own curiosity. This curiosity has been with you since the very beginning, but it gets drowned out by other kinds of voices – necessity, obligation and so on. The more you experience Feldenkrais, the more this elemental voice becomes available for you to hear once again.

Working with Alan over the last few months has been an intriguing and enriching experience .

The movements take us into a heightened state of awareness of ourselves and our  surroundings which we almost never experience in our chaotic lives .

Alan’s dedication and passion for his work enhance the experience

GC, Bombay November 2020

When you stand up at the end of a class, it is very often the case that some deep changes have occurred. One of these changes can be felt in the re-imagining, or re-organising of your relationship to the world around you – of things, people and happenings.

Where better to notice this than in your own space?

So, why not come along:

  • clear a you-shaped space in the midst of your everyday living space,
  • wear something easy to move in,
  • angle your camera so that I can see you well to enough to adapt my guidance,

and let the calm of simple curiosity descend all around you. In the quiet place, accompanied by my voice, you will discover new parts of your personal real-estate – curling, folding, opening, twisting, turning and reaching in ways that you might not have experienced since you were ever-so-young and in the process of revealing your world for the first time.

Class Times

  • Tuesday Evenings 6.30 – 7.30pm
  • Wednesday Mornings 11am – 12noon
  • Wednesday Evenings 6.30 – 7.30pm

NB: From January 18 my classes are organised in 4-week packages

One-Time Package – one class per week at a specified time

4 weeks @ £7 per class £28

Weekly Unlimited package – any or all of the classes offered in one week

4 weeks @ £14 per week £56

Payment details

You can start a package at any time.

Payment in advance.

Please specify your choice of package, and if applicable the specific date you would like to attend, when you contact me to make a booking.

Zoom link will be shared once payment has cleared into my bank account.

  • Booking: or tel./whatsapp 07782 190615
  • Please reference bank payment [yourname]FK
  • Account details: Co-op Bank – Alan G Wilson
  • A/c no 04394550.
  • Bank sort code 08-92-49

I also teach a class hosted by Dancebase, Edinburgh

  • Thursday Evening 8 – 9pm
  • charged at Dancebase’s own rate.

Booking: and click through to Thursday evening classes.


For our changed times, I have devised an integration of the two Feldenkrais techniques, called Functional Awareness.

These lessons are available on Zoom, and are specifically focused around your needs and concerns I aim to support you to find a more free, satisfying and playful relationship with the world you move in everyday.

These sessions are preceded by a detailed conversation between us to give me an idea of the challenges you are facing and to allow us to devise a strategy.

Functional Awareness sessions are based on the process of guidance by my voice and the development of calm curiosity and somatic exploration. I bring to you the full intuitive background of a Feldenkrais practitioner to observe and offer solutions

I recommend that a course of 5 individual lessons be followed, as it takes time for the ‘message’ of Feldenkrais to embed itself firmly in your perceptual, cognitive and motor processes. During your programme, I encourage a process of journaling to facilitate change and energise the discussions between us.

  • Session 1a: detailed conversation around your particular needs, noting any important events in your past that have affected your moving and your ambitions for your moving as we progress through a short programme of lessons. This will lead to an agreement between us about how to proceed.
  • Session 1b: A short, exploratory ATM – we embark on a journey, as you tell me how it is that you sense your moving to be affected in the present moment.
  • Sessions 2 to 5: specially tailored ATM explorations designed around our initial conversations.

Cost: £25 per session, bookable in advance, using my bank details above.

For further information: