New In-Person Classes

Awakening the Dragon

exploring the multifariousness of your spine

As we move out of whatever we have been through, time to explore what is at the core of our confident response to new worlds. Holding the head up, keeping the eyes on the horizon, keeping the arms free and keeping the ground safe beneath our feet – this is the work of the spine. It is the centre of our living.

Come along and spend a day/two days immersed in thoughts and movement designed to help you find a deep sense of calm curiosity and physical potential! You will feel calmer, more ‘in’ your body and more ‘on’ the ground.

Each workshop costs only £30. The return on your small investment in yourself lives on the changes that Feldenkrais can bring on a daily basis

Check out the details on how to sign up here. You can also read what some current attendees at my regular classes online have been feeding back to me.

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