Pivoting, discovering, renewing

Pivoting, discovering, renewing – making discoveries about how we reorient ourselves in space and gain access to more personal ‘real estate’.

New classes beginning 16 February

The structures we were born with allow us to have almost limitless possibilities of moving and thinking – wherever we start from. We have evolved to be able to identify when our movement is effective. When we achieve something we set out to do, the pleasure lifts us. In this way our movement is umbilically connected to the sense of pleasure we take in ourselves. The aim of Feldenkrais is to enlarge and enhance our self-image.

Prices starting at £28 for four classes. You can start any time.

The special quality of Feldenkrais comes from attention to the very beginning of moving and how we move from there to moving, and how we create movement from thought. Spending time in moving and thinking slowly, connecting movement with intention perhaps resets the instinct for moving effectively.

Check out the my new batch of classes beginning 16 Feb and the pricing structures here.

Come along to my zoom classes and explore how your place in the world can expand.

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